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How to Apply

Step 1

Initial Contact

Begin by reaching out to us directly via email at This initial step allows us to provide you with detailed information about available homes and the specific amenities and features of our community.

Step 2

Review Park Information and Application

Upon your initial inquiry, we will send you a PDF file containing comprehensive information about our park rules, the application process, and what you can expect living in Amelia Island Mobile Home Park. This ensures you have all the necessary details before proceeding.

Step 3

Submit Your Application

After reviewing the provided information, complete the application form with your personal details, preferences, and any specific requirements you might have. Our application form is designed to gather essential information to help us understand your needs better.

Step 4

Application Review

Once we receive your application, we will review it carefully. This process includes verifying the information provided and assessing your application based on our community guidelines and availability.

Step 5

Lease Agreement and Final Steps

* For tenants, upon acceptance, we will proceed with creating a lease agreement and send it over for your review and signature via Docu-sign.
* For home purchases, we will include a bill of sale for the home purchase and further information on handling the title work. As licensed dealers in Georgia, we are equipped to complete the title work efficiently.

Application Form


What Residents Say

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What is lot rent?
$650 per month – this includes your water, septic, lawn service & garbage
We currently do not offer these services.
Unfortunately, zoning does not allow for RV accommodations in our area.
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